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Memory’s Reluctant MarchThe Garden of Grief in the Valley of the ShadowThe Spark of HopeThe HeatIn the Belly of a DreamRuncible SpoonsYear of the HorseHer Fragile HappinessWedding at CanaThis is the Cat who Killed the RatThis is the Dog that Worried the CatThe Cow with the Crumpled HornThis is the Farmer Sowing her CornA History of SleepwalkingFoxPrize FrightSnitThe Lost SheepThe Calm Cool Face of the RiverCueDuinoLittle PitchersMasqueradeNyuNyuSailsToTheLandOfNodTetchedThe Erl-KingTo Get Your GoatYourGracefulGhostDizzyingDanceDollmakerEarly RiserFever DemonJokerKir RoyalePixie DustThe MagicianPookaSecond LifePhoenixStep Into My ParlorThe Dragon that Ate my DreamsIll WindQueen Mab and the Little DeathBillet-Doux

"People fall in love with her beautiful and dark, mythologically powered paintings; in a town with a vast range of styles, hers is truly unique."

                        -Susan Froyd,  Denver Westword Blogs, Show and Tell, 100 Colorado Creatives, September 20, 2013

“If Smashing Pumpkin’s ‘Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness’ could dream at night, its visions would probably look a lot like Katie Hoffman’s paintings.” 

                         -Gene Davis, The Denver Daily News, June 21, 2010

    “Her intuitive paintings reflect ‘waking dreams’ — haunting, achingly familiar images evoking that which can be felt but never spoken.

                   -Betsy Robinson,  Spirituality & Health, March/April 2008

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